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Italian Imported Pastries

Embark on a delectable journey through Italy's pastry heritage with our exquisite selection of imported pastries, carefully sourced from renowned Italian artisans. From flaky sfogliatelle to velvety cannoli, explore a tantalizing array of traditional treats that will transport your taste buds to the bustling streets of Italy. For any inquiries or to satisfy your cravings for Italian imported pastries, reach out to our dedicated team who is just a click or call away.

Classic Neapolitan Wheat Grain Pie
Pastiera Napoletana is a delectable Italian tart with a buttery crust and a creamy filling that is not too sweet. The filling features a delightful mixture of smooth ricotta cheese and pastry cream, combined with a candied citrus, cinnamon, and vanilla, resulting in a cheesecake-like texture and a unique and delicious taste.

4 ct - 500g - 1kg
Tiramisu Tray.png
Tiramisu Big Tray
This mini cake dessert features a soft and moist sponge cake soaked in rum syrup, filled with sweetened ricotta cheese and chocolate chips, and coated with chopped pistachios. The miniature size makes it a perfect individual-sized treat that is bursting with flavor and texture.
Mini Tiramisu Trans..png
Mini Tiramisu
A delightful Italian dessert made with layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers and a delicate and creamy mixture of fresh mascarpone cream. The dessert is beautifully garnished with a dusting of cocoa powder on top, creating a deliciously satisfying treat.

9 Ct
Pistachio Truff. Trans.png
Pistachio Truffle
Savor the irresistible allure of pistachios with this delightful dessert. Creamy pistachio ice cream, studded with crunchy almonds, is enveloped in a tantalizing pistachio topping, all encased in a luscious coat of finely crushed pistachio grains, creating a symphony of nutty flavors and textures that will leave you craving for more.

12 Ct
Mini Choc Cake Pastrie Trans..png
Mini Chocolate Mousse
A delicious Italian dessert consisting of a soft sponge cake base topped with a luscious and delicate chocolate mousse. It is beautifully garnished with chocolate toppings and curls, making it a visually appealing and decadent treat.

15 Ct
Chocolate Profiteroles
A delectable dessert made from airy and light cream puffs that are filled with a silky smooth vanilla or chocolate cream. The puffs are then generously covered with a rich and decadent chocolate mousse, creating a deliciously indulgent treat that is perfect for any chocolate lover.

2.75 lbs
Immerse yourself in the taste of Sicily with the iconic Cassatella. This delectable treat features a delicate pastry shell filled with a luscious blend of sweetened ricotta cheese and chocolate chips to creating a heavenly combination that embodies the essence of Italian indulgence.

Small 166ct
Large 100ct
Millie Foglie
A classic French pastry made from layers of delicate, flaky puff pastry and a luscious custard filling. The top is garnished with a light dusting of powdered sugar, adding a touch of sweetness and a visually appealing contrast to the golden layers of pastry.

3 lbs
Ricotta Rollini
Ricotta Rollini is a scrumptious Italian dessert that combines the velvety richness of cannoli cream with the fluffy embrace of a sponge cake. Indulge in this imported delight, as the creamy ricotta cheese filling and the light, airy texture of the sponge cake create a harmonious symphony of flavors, offering a truly delightful experience for lovers of authentic Italian sweets.

12 pc
Chocolate Rollini
Indulge in the irresistible allure of our Chocolate Cream Rollini—a decadent Italian dessert that entices with a luscious and velvety chocolate cream, all lovingly wrapped in a moist and rich chocolate sponge cake. Imported from Italy, this exquisite treat is a true delight for those seeking the perfect harmony of indulgent flavors and textures in a traditional Italian dessert.

12 pc
Pistachio Rollini
Experience the divine flavors of Pistachio Cream Rollini—a delectable Italian dessert that combines the creamy indulgence of pistachio filling with the delicate embrace of a light and airy sponge cake. Imported from Italy, this heavenly treat is a perfect choice for those who appreciate the exquisite taste of traditional Italian desserts, as it brings together the delightful nuttiness of pistachios with the irresistible charm of a classic Rollini.

12 pc
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