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Delicious Italian Desserts Imported From Palermo, Sicily

  • 100% Imported From Sicily

  • 100% Natural Ingredients

  • Hand Rolled


Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM

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The Ultimate Destination for Italian Desserts From Sicily in Marlton, NJ
D'Agostino Cannolificio offers a variety of Italian desserts to our distributors in bulk order. Once you place the order, you can schedule a pick-up from our warehouse directly. Call us for more information.

Cannolis are one of the most popular Italian pastries in the world. With its crunchy shell and filled with a cream filling D'Agostino Cannolificio does it right with both cannoli and ricotta cream imported form Italy.



Our ricotta cheese is imported from Palermo, Sicily. In Italy its a tradition to make ricotta using pasteurized sheep milk with all natural ingredients, with this being said it is our duty to share D'Agostinos Italian Heritage with the world.

Ricotta Cream


We offer 10 different varieties of Italy's most finest Italian cakes not only are they delicious but also have a beautiful look to them, 

Contact us today to get your order. 

Cassata Cake.jpg


There is no Italy without their traditional Italian pastries. Italy is a country of sweets so with our imported Italian pastries you can now bring a piece of Italy to your business today. Gives us a call and order in bulk.


Native to Campania try our shell-shaped, cream filled Italian Pastry we call "Sfogliatella" which is translated to "Small, thin leaf/layer."

Call us to order today!

thumbnail_Maxi Lobster Tail_edited.jpg

Lobster Tail

Lobster Tails are one of the most well known pastries in the world, up there with the cannoli. You will have no problem selling this pastry due to its popularity and our ability to imported this from Italy so your customers have the most authentic tasting Italian pastry

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